Professional Development and Certification

CMG handles all aspects of professional education and training for its clients' members, using both interactive/live and distance learning. We can help develop and manage professional certification and mentoring programs. Services include the following:

  • Committee and program support and development;
  • Management of online curriculum development;
  • Implementation of Learning Management Systems;
  • Conversion of training presentations for online interactive use;
  • Online course evaluations, tests and certificates of course completion;
  • Translation of online presentations;
  • Management and recording of webinars;
  • Registration for certification exams and tracking of individual certification status;
  • Automated tracking of certification credits earned through association events; and
  • All aspects of managing mentoring programs.

Online Learning

CMG can implement a Learning Management System (LMS) that fully integrates with the association database for online registration and completion tracking, as well as tracking of credits earned for a credentialing program. For a low-cost alternative, we can convert PowerPoint presentations into interactive Flash-based presentations for distribution online or on CD-ROM. We implement solutions for online course evaluations and testing, with or without course completion certificates, and also manage translation of presentations into other languages. Working with your subject matter experts, we can manage webinars and the sale of webinar recordings. Please let us know how we may support your training initiatives with these services.

Some examples of these solutions are on the website of our client, SQA:
Online Learning Offerings
Professional Credentialing Program