Membership Retention and Development

The aim of every service we provide is to enhance the customer experience. CMG works closely with volunteer leaders to develop membership programs and to evaluate and improve existing programs. We are accustomed to serving as the information source for our clients' members and for the industry associated with our clients' organizations. Our basic standards of service include quality checking all systems and procedures regularly and responding to e-mail and telephone requests within two business days. A particular strength is representing our clients professionally through close attention to detail and data integrity. In addition, CMG supports the following:

  • Online and live professional education programs;
  • Members-only website content;
  • E-blasts targeting client messages to specific member interests/demographics;
  • Member rates for meetings and reduced journal subscription fees;
  • Awards and other member recognition programs;
  • Membership application and approval processing;
  • Membership renewal invoices, information updates and dues processing;
  • Member journal subscription management;
  • Publication design services, both electronic and hard copy;
  • Member data maintenance; and
  • Record keeping in climate-controlled, secure storage space.