Fundraising and Sponsorship

Fundraising begins with research — finding donors whose goals and priorities align with those of the organization.  Commercial companies are often tapped for sponsorship, but non-profit organizations and government agencies can also be asked to partner in an endeavor that supports their missions.  In addition to establishing a diverse donor base for grants, different kinds of donations must be considered.  An in-kind donation of time and expertise can be a great contribution to an event or project.  Once potential collaborators are identified, a strategy is developed, tying the project to each donor’s missions and funding priorities, as well as assessing donors’ capacities for giving.


Many large organizations have well-established methods of applying for grants, but all successful fundraising must contain the human element. For example, the National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute offers a conference support grant mechanism, the R-13, which is based on the application for research support. It takes creativity and precision to craft a compelling proposal within the strict parameters of a government form. Additionally, one must balance this creativity with careful attention to NIH’s guidelines for submission, which include typesetting and page count restrictions for numerous separate forms, narrative attachments and appendices. Every element must be in place to ensure successful submission. However, even with this very technical grant mechanism, personal contact is critical. Strategic networking with program directors across institutes enhances the probability of funding and can increase the amount by encouraging multiple institutes to contribute funds from their individual budgets. CMG staff have teamed with client Boards to draft and submit five successful R-13 grant applications. In addition, we maintain donor relations and oversee reporting requirements for multiple-year grants.


CMG has a proven track record in attracting and retaining corporate and individual sponsors for our clients' events and educational projects. We target incentive-based sponsorship programs to supporters in relevant fields and industries, resulting in sustainable income that contributes significantly to our clients' budgets.