Transparency of True Service Costs through Full Disclosure of Fee for Service

You always know where you stand with CMG — the transparency of the services provided is evident to new clients when they receive their first monthly invoice. All CMG client invoices detail all services, and the time spent by staff on those services, measured in quarter hour increments. If there is ever a question about program or management costs, we can generate a record of all time spent on that project and on which particular tasks that time was spent. This method encourages staff efficiency and productivity and maintains transparency for the client, so they know exactly what programs and services are being supported and at what cost.

Our clients are charged fees monthly, only after a service has been provided. This affords significant cost control during months between meetings or dues renewal cycles when the client's income is naturally lower than at busier times of the year.

As directed by each client's Board, an independent professional auditing firm is engaged to conduct an audit or financial review of each client's annual financial activities. The full results are reported to the Board. All audits conducted have shown exemplary handling of clients' financial interests by CMG.

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