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Going Global through Strategic Alliances

The Challenge

Several of our current clients represent professions that are global, where there are professionals in the field in more than 50 countries around the world. Sharing information and resources across nations and cultures can be challenging but is essential to improve the services and knowledge base of these professionals.

The Solution

An excellent solution we have developed has been the creation of strategic alliances, which take different forms for different clients. For two of our global clients, we created a Federation Committee structure, inviting and enabling participation from the leaders of all the related/similar national societies. This structure has opened a broadband pipeline for sharing information, experiences, standards and best practices among professionals from around the world. In another of our societies we have implemented a Memorandum of Understanding structure for strategic alliances between the national societies in other countries. Again, the structure has met with great success as our membership has grown, participation in our meetings has increased, our journals have broader exposure and the professionals around the world feel more connected to colleagues from other countries who share the same profession and passion.

We are experienced in collaborating with our clients' Boards to tailor a plan for developing alliances that broaden the impact of their mission and increase their member base. We would love the opportunity to work with your organization to strategize ways in which it can grow.