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Technology Solutions for a Complex Organization:
Integrating Chapters into a National Database

The Challenge

One challenge that we encountered was to integrate eight regional chapters into a single database belonging to the national society while maintaining the independence of each entity.

The Solution

After gathering and standardizing the membership data of each chapter to meet the national society’s standards, we carefully integrated the data, matching duplicate records and merging the data for a complete profile. Each chapter now has a sophisticated database used to target their communications, analyze their data, and drive their members-only online communities where they can archive files, participate in discussion forums and collaborate on new work. The shared database also enables the chapters and the national society to cross promote memberships, events and educational opportunities.

To take full advantage of iMIS capabilities, we developed region-specific rules to connect each individual with the appropriate regional chapter. Based on the region in which the individual resides, the system provides the correct option for chapter membership. In addition, each chapter has its own dues structure, which allows us to bill individuals at the appropriate rates, so individuals may pay for national dues, chapter dues or both in one online transaction. We also manage the registration data and payments for over 20 chapter and national society events in one, streamlined database.

Our team has built customized databases unique to each client’s policies, priorities and needs. Not only can members update profile information, pay dues and register for events online, but they can also access their certification program credits and payment history. This state of the art system is ideal for managing any membership society, especially with CMG's expertise in tailoring it for each client.