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Controlling Costs and Reducing our Carbon Footprint by “Going Green”

The Challenge

With variable numbers of attendees and long lead times in planning, conference budgets can be difficult to balance. CMG has worked with its clients to develop a strategy to reduce costs and “go green.”

The Solution

CMG recognized an opportunity not only to reduce costs, but also to highlight its client's environmental consciousness. We created an integrated approach by focusing on an electronic marketing campaign, reducing our print production and promoting the greening efforts of our organization and those of the meeting venue. Perhaps the most significant impact was made by optimizing the program website for smart phones. This allowed us to print a slim pocket program book and forgo printing most handouts and flyers. CMG created a “go green” logo from the client logo, adding the well-recognized recycling symbol and the organic element of a leaf. This logo was featured on all conference-related pieces, including affordable, earth-friendly organic cotton meeting bags in lieu of the typical nylon bags. These “walking advertisements” continue to promote the organization as attendees continue to use them long after the conference.

CMG seeks strategic and innovative marketing opportunities with an eye on client branding.  We not only produce print advertisements, signage and logos, but also make strategic use of e-mail, social media and alliances with other organizations to market clients. Please view our portfolio.