Volunteer with SQA

Call for Volunteers

If you are planning to attend the Annual Meeting, please consider volunteering. Volunteer assignments involve one-on-one interaction with other attendees, presenters, regulators and more!

We have volunteer tasks and times to fit every schedule. There are even pre-meeting volunteer assignments for those who want a great excuse to come a little early! Your gift of time and talent is greatly appreciated.

SQA has set up a volunteer sign-up schedule using the SuperSaas web tool. You will need to create an account with SuperSaas in order to sign up for volunteer activities. By creating an account you will have the ability to update your schedule (or even cancel, should that become necessary).

To access the volunteer schedule, click the link below. Use the calendar to navigate through the days of the Annual Meeting, and click on a volunteer opportunity on the calendar in order to sign up for it.

Click here to volunteer your time during the 30th SQA Annual Meeting!

If you have questions about volunteering, contact Sarah Woodhouse at sarah.woodhouse@sqa.org.