Keynote Speaker

We were excited to host our keynote speaker, Dr. Leroy Chiao, a celebrated American astronaut. His accomplished track record in space, in the lab and in the field, offered audiences an unparalleled glimpse into space exploration, and his broad technical expertise allowed him to offer compelling insights on future technology trends, the fascinating biomedical effects of spaceflight, and the need for our renewed focus on innovation. In his presentation, Dr. Chiao offered his unique perspective on leadership, decision-making and multicultural issues. Few people have reached the heights in their careers that Leroy Chiao continues to experience, and he was happy to offer the benefit of his out-of-this-world knowledge to inspire and inform meeting attendees!

“Leroy Chiao’s preoccupation with the heavens has led to his becoming a leading member of two of the most elite and exclusive groups on Earth: NASA astronauts and, now, one of the pioneers in the frontier of commercial space flight." - USA Weekend Magazine